"I look at my life BP and AP – before and after Pilates.  I have never found exercise that I have enjoyed or was really meant for who I am and where I am until I met Tim.  I have never exercised regularly but have been meeting with Tim for 10+ months.  I am just about 60 years old, and never thought I could have body definition.
Pilates puts me in charge – I feel vibrant and empowered.  I no longer think  about what might be sore or stiff, but just move wherever I need to and quickly!  I love the tone that appeared in my arms and legs, clothes look amazingly better, and my 24 year-old daughter who exercises 5+ times per week is impressed with the results.
I have from time to time taken class exercise, but with Tim I push myself each and every time to the limit.  With specialized attention you can maximize each exercise and I am competing with myself – plus I think both Tim and I would know if I wasn’t really working efficiently (being lazy).  At this point I cannot imagine not doing Pilates and can’t wait to retire so I can incorporate more Pilates in my week. 
Tim is committed to bringing good things to people through Pilates which is evident in the approach he takes with his clients – I value the commitment and time spent with Tim at Pilates."

    Christie F.

"I have been working with Tim since January of 2012.  I originally started with him with the intention of just using Pilates to get ready for my wedding.  That was over 2 years ago.  I'm hooked.  Pilates has made my life easier.  Bringing in the groceries from the car is easier.  Standing all day is easier.  I no longer have back pain when I wake up.  Tim is an excellent trainer who constantly challenges me.  


Since I started with Tim, I have broken my hand twice (doing other things....not Pilates-related!).  He was able to modify exercises to accommodate my pain and casts so that I didn't have to miss a session.  He takes the time to ask how 'the body is feeling' so that he can program the session accordingly.  Tim makes me laugh and makes me realize how awesome the human body is because of what it is capable of. 


As a post-script/side-note: My skeptical husband recently started with Tim too and he says his golf game has improved dramatically -- especially in the distance of his drives."


                Karen M.


"Tim has a thorough understanding of what makes his clients tick and how they individually can incorporate PIlates into their exercise and lifestyle regimen. His good-natured approach and his ability to explain the benefits of each individual exercise make him someone I can recommend for the newcomer or the experienced athlete looking to make a change."

Alan K.

"I started training with Tim seven years ago after my second child was born. Even though I have always been a gym enthusiast, my abs were not strong. After working with Tim over the years, I can honestly say that in my 40’s, my abs are stronger than they were in my 20’s, and I have regained a lot of the flexibility that is lost with age. Aside from being a great Pilates instructor, Tim is very personable and gears each workout to how you feel on a particular day so every workout is a little different. It can be a very hard workout or a gentle workout depending on what your body needs that day. I highly recommend Tim."

Michele N.


"Pilates can be extremely beneficial for people of all ages.  At 77, I'm particularly aware of the need for regular, controlled exercise.  The Pilates approach is a safe and effective way to keep that old body stretched and moving.  The need for a sensitive and competent trainer is critical.  Tim is acutely aware of the capabilities of his clients, and provides activities that keep you at the leading edge of your fitness level while not overdoing it to the point of injury.  I've been working with him for years and am pleased to be able to recommend him without qualification."

Peter L.

"I am really interested in Pilates because it is a combination of stretching and strengthening exercises. One interesting observation about Pilates is people of any fitness level can try it out. I have worked with Tim for almost a year now. I have improvements in my exercise capabilities – things that I could not do earlier are now possible. Tim really observes day to day my fitness level and changes routines to achieve my fitness goal. Some of my muscles have the bad habit of tightening – Tim tries exercises and stretching techniques to release them before I finish the exercise session. This amount of individual attention is difficult to get in a typical gym class. Tim is certainly the trainer you should work out with if you live anywhere near [Tim's former studio in Westchester County, NY]."

Nita R.


"I have known Tim for 10 years. I first began after the birth of my 4th child. Needing to find a place of refuge both mentally and physically, Tim helped me restore my sanity and my strength!  Taking time out of my busy schedule to focus solely on me is such an important part of my well-being.  Tim knows exactly how far to push me, while maintaining a safe and controlled environment.  Years later, after recovering from ACL knee surgery, Tim once again got me back into fighting shape.  The combination of strength building and stretching is so important, and unlike any other workouts you get from just going to the gym.  Tim is the trainer I turn to to get back on track. Thanks Tim, for creating a fun, comfortable, and challenging escape! "  -- Lindsay W.

Lindsay W.

"I have been doing Pilates with Tim for 3 years and it has transformed my body and my life!  Tim is great to work with on so many levels.  He is very knowledgeable about both the Pilates equipment and the human body and works with you to target and strengthen areas of concern.  He is very intuitive, and uses that intuition to push me just enough, so that I work hard and see results, but am never in pain.  He is also really funny and therefore a great person to spend an hour with!  I go twice a week with my 16 year old daughter and we both love our workouts with Tim!"

Shami A.

"I work out with Tim because I value his expertise in the area of Pilates and his commitment to helping me build core strength and take better care of myself.    I appreciate his ability to push me to my limits and force me to challenge myself in our sessions.  He is also strong enough to give me a great stretch!

My experience with Pilates versus other workouts is that it allows me to focus on specific parts of my body while not over-exerting my muscles. Slowing down, focusing on my breath and the engagement of key muscles has been great!  I always feel energized when I start my day off with a workout.  Wish I could do it everyday!
I find that Pilates really reduces my stress level and helps me to maintain better posture and physical balance. Since doing Pilates on a regular basis I don’t experience any significant aches and pains. Building my core has reduced my lower back pain and helped with opening up my shoulders. 
I prefer 1-on-1 sessions as I feel as though I get a better workout, not being part of class or at a busy gym. The calm peaceful environment of Tim's studio helps with that. 
My favorite thing about pilates is the stretching…and lower abdominal work done on the reformer and barrel."

Michelle B.

"My mother and I both wanted to get more exercise in our lives and thought doing something together would be fun.  Pilates fit the bill, especially as we reward ourselves by going to the wine bar afterwards! (Best night of the week, workout and wine!)   I am pretty advanced at Pilates and my mother less so. Tim is great at creating a structure to suit us both -- making sure that it is a good mix of stretching and muscle building.  The personal attention is far more motivating and fun especially because Tim is very personable and the session goes quickly. I have gone to a variety of groups over the years (some with my mother) and this has by far been the best setup and teacher we have come across.  The studio is very clean and a nice size so you don't feel packed into a sweaty room like some places at the gym.  We love you Tim!"

Emily C. (and her mother Karen)

“After having 3 kids in a five year span, I knew that my core muscles were extremely weak and this was starting to impact my overall fitness and daily functioning.  I have always worked out, but have been more of a cardiovascular junkie. As I was getting older I knew that it was time to start paying attention to muscle strength and flexibility.  Working with Tim has truly been transformative -- I have gained toned muscles and increased flexibility.  He’s very knowledgable and makes each workout challenging and fun while making sure that you stay safe and injury-free.  I actually take Pilates mat classes at my gym but supplement my workout sessions with Tim because it is a more effective workout and he’s always careful to check my form.  The individualized approach to each workout has been worthwhile and since I’ve started working out with him several people have asked if I was a former gymnast or dancer -- not bad for someone who previously hadn’t done a sit-up in a decade!”

Stacey P.

Stefanie H.

Dear Tim -- Just a quick note to let you know how much I've njoyed working with you for the last few years.  I came to you looking for back pain relief (and maybe a killer ab or two) -- what a joy it was to find such a great person and teacher as well.  Thank you for being a weekly bright spot in my hectic life.  It has meant a lot to my sanity over the last few years.  All the best!

In September of 2012, when I first started Pilates with Tim, he asked what my goals were.  Well, first I wanted to mitigate pain. I have fibromyalgia, and constant low-grade pain had been a way of life for about 20 years.  Most days, I would simply have what I referred to as an “annoying” level of pain. Some days I needed the help of a cane to walk.


I haven’t used a cane in two years.


My second goal was to get stronger. I’ve always been petite and small-boned, and had never been a physically strong person. I knew I had the potential to be stronger than I was, but always found gym workouts intimidating and exercise classes either boring or overwhelming.  I am stronger now that I have ever been in my life. I recently went on a very strenuous hike with my husband and surprised myself by how well I negotiated the down-hill part of the “scramble”, crab-walking down on my backside, using my strong triceps to support me… (I have Triceps! Go figure!)

To say I had a third goal would be a misstatement. I told Tim that if I happened to lose weight, that would be swell, but I am quite aware that as one builds muscle mass, one’s weight can actually Increase, so I had no goals on that front at all.  I lost thirty pounds in my first six months working with Tim.


All of these things are wonderful, but for me, perhaps the Best part of doing Pilates with Tim has been a rather unusual part of my story. You see, in December of 2012, three months after I started Pilates, my appendix exploded. For four weeks after surgery, I was not allowed to do Pilates – not engage my abs at all. But because of all the excellent workouts that Tim had put me thru prior to that day, my abs were strong enough to withstand the “down” spell and not revert back to the pain and weakness that I had experienced prior to Pilates!  

Tim had taught me so well, and customized my workouts so personally, that I was as well-prepared as I could possibly have been for such an event – and I snapped back better than I would have ever dreamed possible. He got me back on the equipment with gentle workouts when the doc said I was good to go, and in no time was I back to having my butt kicked as only Tim can do ;-)

Donna K.