My daily pursuit of a life well-lived is a quest that requires a vibrant, resilient, healthy body.  To me, Pilates is an understanding of the body and how it works, combined with the thoughtful application of resistance-based exercise and stretching.  I prefer to form longterm relationships with my clients, such that with careful, ongoing observation I can come to a deep understanding of their strengths, weaknesses and needs, and then address them in safe, challenging and interesting ways.  
I take great pleasure in helping my clients change the way they relate to their body and in helping them live in it in a healthy and vibrant way.  I believe that when your body is strong and you understand how your body works, you feel at home in it and you increase the vitality of your mind and spirit as well.  Everyday actions cease being drudgery and become an occasion for pleasure.
And -- unless you have a profound preference otherwise -- we will laugh and enjoy ourselves along the way.  Life is way too serious to take it completely seriously.

I was certified as a Pilates instructor in 2003 by the founders of The Lab and the Fitness Guru (both located in Brooklyn, NY).  Since that time I have taught 15,000+ sessions and owned the Conscious Body Pilates studio in Briarcliff Manor, NY for a decade.  


I have worked with brides-to-be (those gown-fittings needn’t be a source of dread), pregnant women (using specific exercises to ease pregnancy and post-partum recovery) and athletes (including teenagers seeking/winning college scholarships in skiing and fencing), designing programs to maximize performance and minimize the risk of injury.  Golfers and tennis-players, I’m looking at you.  [grin]  I have also worked with people for whom exercise is normally a high-risk activity (due to previous injury or osteoporosis -- and in one case, osteogenesis imperfecta). 


My teaching is not simply about achieving a fit body. My goal also includes helping my clients achieve a healthy, integrated mind and spirit.   At its root, my work is about helping people change their lives for the better. My teaching style is a mixture of the deadly serious and irreverently playful -- much like life itself. These two pictures tell the story pretty well:


Pilates is a form of exercise developed ninety years ago by Joseph Pilates, a boxer, gymnast and trained nurse.  The exercises are taught on machines designed originally by Joseph Pilates, or on a mat.  The purpose of Pilates is to promote strength, flexibility, and an increased range of motion in the joints.  Pilates is excellent for anyone who is looking for a stronger, better-balanced and more flexible body.  Pilates helps to correct postural imbalances, combats osteoporosis, and greatly reduces the risk of injury due to muscle tightness.  It is an excellent workout for everyone, from the first time exerciser to the accomplished athlete.  Pilates is also particularly helpful before, during and after pregnancy because it promotes both abdominal power and lower back strength.


Pilates was/is revolutionary in that it considers the body not as a collection of muscles to be exercised ("Today is Delts, Bis, Tris and Lats, bro!") but as an instrument composed of many parts, systems and groups of systems creating a single whole.  It focuses on building strength, lengthening the musculature, and increasing the body's overall vitality in a way that enriches all the aspects of our daily life.