Because exercise should not be drudgery.

Expert Pilates-based fitness instruction with the intent to live your fullest life.  

 Mother of an infant/young child?  BRING YOUR KID with you to Pilates!

381 Huku Li`i Place 
Suite 204
Kihei, Maui




I often tell people "movement is life."  Our bodies are not meant to be still.  But the modern workplace and sedentary lifestyle -- or injury or just the aging process itself -- steal the vitality from our bodies.  Without a healthy body we cannot live our fullest life.  It is my great pleasure to work with my clients to make their bodies an ally and not an adversary.  Whether you are training for a triathlon or just want to chase your grandkids around (or pick up a session or two on your vacation), I look forward to helping you achieve a sound and vital body -- and we'll have fun while we do.



"I have known Tim for 10 years. I first began after the birth of my 4th child. Needing to find a place of refuge both mentally and physically, Tim helped me restore my sanity and my strength! Taking time out of my busy schedule to focus solely on me is such an important part of my wellbeing. Tim knows exactly how far to push me, while maintaining a safe and controlled environment. Years later, after recovering from ACL knee surgery, Tim once again got me back into fighting shape. The combination of strength building and stretching is so important, and unlike any other workouts you get from just going to the gym. Tim is the trainer I turn to to get back on track. Thanks Tim, for creating a fun, comfortable, and challenging escape! "  -- Lindsay W.